Whether you're a couple who are unhappy with the photos your photographer took, someone who just wants a quick nip-tuck, a certain style applied, or if you're a photographer looking for photo editing services UK or retouching and need an object removed from the background, a quick head swap or to see if I can possibly create that photo of you with your Father that you totally forgot to take, you are in the right place.

I am a retoucher, as well as a photographer and I offer photo retouching services to many fellow photographers who need some work doing to their photos. I also offer a wedding photo editing service UK, and have even had photographers refer their unhappy clients to me when they feel their wedding photographer did a bad job or the couple didn’t look into the many different editing styles and now have their heart set on another style. As the unhappy client, this doesn’t mean that you had a bad wedding photographer, or that you’re unhappy with your photographer. It may just be that when you look at your photos you think “I hate my hair in my wedding photos” and that you are now obsessing over wedding photos. Of course, it may be the case that you genuinely received really bad wedding photos, and this would be extremely disheartening for any couple, as once your wedding has passed there’s no chance of retaking wedding photos.

One particular bride was just generally unhappy with how she looked, it was nothing to do with the photographers work, but instead the brides own insecurities, she simply wanted to feel that, in her eyes, she looked beautiful in her photos, and she didn't feel that way. She searched for wedding editors and found me. We discussed in great detail all of her concerns and insecurities and how I photoshop wedding photos.
I retouched every single photo that she was in from her wedding day, there were over 500, and the work included making her frame a bit smaller, giving her a flatter tummy, less pointy chin and even tidying her hair in some and making her lipstick more of a vibrant red. 

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This type of service is something I do to perfection, keeping them realistic so people looking at these images having not seen the originals would not be able to tell that they've been retouched but would just think, "wow she looks incredible". I'm pleased to say this bride in particular is now extremely happy with her photos, and can finally enjoy looking at them. To my surprise, I even received a bouquet of flowers a few weeks later!

Some retouching requirements are simply not possible, but I love a challenge so will always give it my best shot. I have removed members of the public from outside St Paul's Cathedral and recreated the building where they were standing. I've put a smile back on peoples faces, literally, in the photo.

Whether or not your requirements are possible cannot always be decided without seeing the photographs first. Simply drop me a message via my contact page or give me a call to discuss this further. My wedding retouching rates are dependent upon your requirement, the amount of images, and most of all, the time it shall take to retouch your images.

*You can see a small example of my retouching in some photos that I took myself at weddings in the gallery on this page. One in particular, the bride contacted me after her wedding to say that she loves her photos but she had totally forgotten to add a photo to her list of her with her Mum, and she really wished she had. I surprised her by using a photo of the bride with her sister and snipped her Mum out of a group photo, to create the photo she'd forgotten to add to the list!

If you would like to see some more examples of my retouching in particular nip-tucking work please do get in touch, many of my clients ask for these services because they are not happy with how they looked in the original photos, therefore it would be unjust of me to use these for public display online. I offer a free test sample of one image to couples interested in this service for their wedding photos.

Wedding photographer prices vary and although the saying “you get what you pay for” is true to an extent, in that generally an extremely skilled and experienced photographer with hundreds of weddings under their belt will of course be more expensive (but 9 out of 10 times totally worth it), that is not to say that all “lower” priced or more affordable wedding photographers will not be talented and deliver a stunning set of photos, and not all high end or luxury wedding photographer prices will necessarily be as talented as their wedding portfolio shows, what you receive may not reflect the price you paid.

One of the most searched wedding terms on google these days is “wedding photography tips for brides” and most of the results are usually referring to timelines. Your wedding photos are the memory of your day, when the day is over, these wedding photos are what you will look forward to, what you take with you and how you will reminisce for many years to come. Therefore having photos you love should really be one of your priorities, and it really saddens me when I receive emails from other photographers brides or grooms saying “please fix my wedding photos”, “I hate my wedding photos” and asking me how to edit bad wedding photos, as after paying for these photos to be re-edited, retouched, or fixed, this usually results in the couple spending more in total for these services and the original photographer fee than what they would have for a high end wedding photographer in the first place.

So… I’ve listed my wedding photography tips for brides and grooms looking for their perfect wedding photographer, which should hopefully avoid you being unhappy with wedding photos.

1. Do not book solely based on their wedding portfolio/ gallery on their website alone! Anyone could take 2000 photos in auto at a wedding and produce ten amazing portfolio worthy photos from each wedding to put on their website or on social media.

2. Ask to see at least two or three full client wedding galleries, so that you can see consistency in their work throughout.

3. Check that they have, above all, professional indemnity insurance – to protect you if they haven’t fulfilled their contract with you, and that includes a full set of wedding photos that represent your day truthfully and in line with the standard of the photos showcased in their website portfolio.

4. Look at different wedding photography styles and also styles of wedding photo edits, from dark and moody, undersaturated, bold and bright coloured, natural to fine-art light and airy wedding photography styles and decide which you really want for your wedding photos. Despite being a retoucher and bring able to edit in any of these styles, I still have my own signature editing style which you can see in my portfolio.

5. Ask any photographers that you’re considering, if they deliver your photos both in colour and also in black & white, rather than some photos in colour and some in black & white. This is to prevent you having to go back after to ask for that photo of so and so in colour etc, or even having to pay for the other version.

Top Tips for Brides and Grooms


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