Weddings literally have every aspect I could want as a photographer giving so much variety, and as a luxury wedding photographer UK, photographing elegant couples, I honestly couldn’t imagine another job that could bring me so much emotion, give such a privilege, and one that could leave me with such a sense of achievement. Many of my clients are couples in the creative, entertainment and fashion industry including some celebrities, and having originally trained in wet photography I am pleased to say I will be reintroducing 35mm film to my packages in 2024.

a true professional in her field, using luminous light sources to portray timeless wedding photography with an understated elegance.


the pro

I'm a creative and LOVE design, even designing my own websites and marketing materials. My dangerous and expensive obsessions include French branding, Scandinavian interiors, Emmy London shoes, and over-priced scented candles (LOVE Penhaligons). I’m a coffee snob who loves fresh bed sheets, arches adorned in flowers, grilled seafood, the white washed buildings of Santorini and the idyllic scenery of Mallorca.



I've been documenting weddings for over 15 years and whilst a lot of the weddings I photograph are in London, Surrey and Chichester, photographing weddings has taken me across the Uk, Europe and beyond, having documented nearly 500 weddings, including ones with prestigious clients, along with photographing large events for international companies, and mentoring fellow photographers. As a professional retoucher for other photographers and couples when they're in need of advanced skills, I am proud to say I am in the minority within this field.  I'm LGBQT+ and disability friendly, and I come with a wealth of experience, having photographed weddings in beautiful Tuscan villages and castles to elopements on the Amalfi Coast, grand hotels in Cyprus to religious ceremonies in authentic Spanish cities, all-night wedding celebrations in Galway, chic city weddings in the big smoke, to luxury wedding venues in the English countryside and elegant weddings in private homes.

I'm a true believer in relationships, it's about your photos and how me, as your photographer makes you feel, I am known for putting people at ease in front of the camera. When you're relaxed around me that is when the connection between the two of you will really sine through.



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Meet nicola hudson, wedding photographer

a little more about me; here are the little things in life and photography that I adore


I LOVE to smile, it genuinely makes me feel happy, so I pretty much do this all the time!

I make lists for lists, I’m actually pretty obsessed with lists.

I have serious issues with red notifications on my phone, they MUST be gone.

As mentioned above, I LOVE design, and design all my own websites but what I really enjoy is designing wedding styles, I loved researching how I wanted my tables and this really was because I wanted a look and style that I'm not used to seeing, my favourite touch was our floral napkins and bamboo chairs. 

I’m a fan of character properties, sandy beaches, and Spanish Fincas surrounded by olive tree fields.


I love family, watching other families and the bonds they have between them, and capturing that on camera. This reminds me of the importance of photos and how precious they are.

These are not only memories for us of our loved ones, but also for our children and grandchildren to come.


Kian, the apple of my eye. I became a Mum to Kian at only 22 and by 23 it was just the two of us. Although studying a full time degree, then starting my photography business half way through that degree all while being a single Mummy to a toddler came with it's challenges, I can honestly say that parenting Kian has been not only my biggest achievement but it has been a pleasure, he has made parenting easy and in September 2022 I saw him off to study Psychology at Uni all the way over in Bristol.

I am so proud of my over 6ft handsome, well mannered young man and I absolutely hate that he is now over 2 hours away from me. 


Yep I love weddings so much (and my husband of course) that I married Ryan twice - once at Brighton Town Hall and again in an intimate affair for 40 in Mallorca. He really is the love of my life, and if I turn up fat at your wedding then this is who to blame - my wonderful husband Ryan is a brilliant cook and as much as I hate to admit it, he does most of the cooking at home, but he also brings home far too many cakes, chocolate and ice-cream. Trying to diet in our house is an impossibility ... but I do LOVE his cooking.


After 14 years of being Mother to a boy, we were finally surprised with a daughter. To say this was a surprise is an understatement. When we had finally gotten over the shock that we really were starting again, wow, what a gift she was and a miracle baby she was - but that's a whole other story. 

Amélie really is my princess, and on our wedding day she melted my heart, not only because she looked so beautiful, walked down the aisle alone at only 6years old, but because she said the words "mummy you look like Cinderella". and there it was, I experienced what I capture for other couples, and so although this was my turn, it wasn't over for me, there were no wedding blues, I still get to witness these magical moments every week and I am truly so grateful for that. These photos are so precious and I can't thank our photographer, Maria Hibbs in Mallorca, enough for that. I feel so very privileged though that I get to capture others feeling this way.


Mila; our 3yr old Dogue de Bordeaux - huge, loud, lazy and the biggest softie ever who ALWAYS pinches my seat if I dare leave it for a second, and if I don't she just plonks her heavy self right on top of me.

She's Amélie's best friend and sister. 


Our beautifully blended family, okay so that word blended is more of a hate than a love for me, but I do love our family

As mentioned previously, my son, Kian, Ryan’s two, Ava and Harry; a beautiful 13 (going on 16) yr old and a football mad 11 year old, and our baby girl; Amélie, a ball of giggles and craziness who is the most headstrong and independent 6yr old princess you'd ever meet, who's always dressed for a festival! 

Someone once told me there's no Step in Family! In our home that couldn't be more true.


My office: only kidding, I do sometimes feel like I live in meadows! However, most of my time is spent in my actual office at home in Chichester, and as you can imagine, life here, like with any family, is more often than not an organised chaos but I wouldn’t have it any other way. That said, my office is my haven, where I come to escape and get in the zone, making beautiful images even more beautiful!


I’m in my element snuggled up by a warm fire, watching a Netflix original with my husband, and with, of course, a big dollop of salted caramel Häagen Dazs!