Melanie & Mark’s Wedding Day

Southend Barns

When I arrived on the morning of Melanie & Mark’s stunning Southend Barns wedding day, I new instantly that this was going to be a magical day. So much effort had gone into every detail of the day, the Threshing Barn was being decorated with the most beautiful flowers, I have to say I haven’t seen so many in the barn like this, and it looked sensational! Then I entered the Dairy Barn where the Ceremony was to be held and the trees at the entrance, along with draped voiles from the beams just created this feel of pure elegance, class and romance. If this wasn’t the only thing to make me realise Mel had amazing taste, I then saw the dress, yes it was the one designer I have a small girl crush on, Naomi Neoh… if you haven’t seen her Bridal Gown Collection, they are a MUST!


Melanie and Mark made it quite clear from the start they wanted lots of natural photos documenting their Southend Barns wedding day – well, they have loads! They also made sure the day wasn’t just about them and their guests, but one very special little girl, their adorable daughter, Dora, who yep wore ears with her little white flowergirl dress – how cute is that!

Every part of this wedding was gorgeous and I thoroughly enjoyed capturing it all on camera. I must just say a huge Thank you to student photographer Hannah who captured some gorgeous extra shots on the day and who was an absolute pleasure to be around for the day, you did amazing Hannah!

A massive Congratulations to you both, Melanie & Mark. I wish you every bit of happiness for your future as husband and wife. Here’s just a sneak of what more is to come…001_MM_wedding  003_MM_wedding 004_MM_wedding 005_MM_wedding 006_MM_wedding 007_MM_wedding 008_MM_wedding 009_MM_wedding 010_MM_wedding 011_MM_wedding 012_MM_wedding  014_MM_wedding 015_MM_wedding 016_MM_wedding 017_MM_wedding 018_MM_wedding 019_MM_wedding 020_MM_wedding 021_MM_wedding 022_MM_wedding 023_MM_wedding 024_MM_wedding 025_MM_wedding 026_MM_wedding 027_MM_wedding 028_MM_wedding 029_MM_wedding 030_MM_wedding 031_MM_wedding 032_MM_wedding 033_MM_wedding 034_MM_wedding 035_MM_wedding 036_MM_wedding 037_MM_wedding 038_MM_wedding 039_MM_wedding 040_MM_wedding 041_MM_wedding 042_MM_wedding 043_MM_wedding 044_MM_wedding southend barns wedding photos 046_MM_wedding 047_MM_wedding 048_MM_wedding 049_MM_wedding 050_MM_wedding 051_MM_wedding 052_MM_wedding 053_MM_wedding 054_MM_wedding 055_MM_wedding 056_MM_wedding 057_MM_wedding 058_MM_wedding 059_MM_wedding 060_MM_wedding 061_MM_wedding 062_MM_wedding 063_MM_wedding 064_MM_wedding 065_MM_wedding southend barns wedding photos 067_MM_wedding southend barns wedding photos southend barns wedding photos 070_MM_wedding 071_MM_wedding 072_MM_wedding 073_MM_wedding 074_MM_wedding 075_MM_wedding 076_MM_wedding 077_MM_wedding 078_MM_wedding 079_MM_wedding 080_MM_wedding 081_MM_wedding 082_MM_wedding 083_MM_wedding 084_MM_wedding 085_MM_wedding 086_MM_wedding 087_MM_wedding 088_MM_wedding 089_MM_wedding 090_MM_wedding 091_MM_wedding 092_MM_wedding 093_MM_wedding 094_MM_wedding 095_MM_wedding 096_MM_wedding 097_MM_wedding 098_MM_wedding 099_MM_wedding 100_MM_wedding 101_MM_wedding 102_MM_wedding 103_MM_wedding 104_MM_wedding 105_MM_wedding 106_MM_wedding 107_MM_wedding 108_MM_wedding 109_MM_wedding 110_MM_wedding 111_MM_wedding 112_MM_wedding 113_MM_wedding 114_MM_wedding 115_MM_wedding 116_MM_wedding 117_MM_wedding 118_MM_wedding 119_MM_wedding 120_MM_wedding 121_MM_wedding 122_MM_wedding 123_MM_wedding

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