I was recommended to Mark & Katy by the lovely and talented Joanna from Joanna Ko Boutique Events, and how lucky was I, what a gorgeous couple and wedding I got to photograph.

Katy looked stunning in her Amanda Wakeley gown, it was pure elegance and class, perfectly suited to the historic Arundel Town Hall where she married Mark. Their reception was held in a marquee back in the grounds of their home, enabling them to really put their own stamp on it, and of course party into the early hours. With Mark and Katy having two small sons, I’m sure having Joanna to take charge with the planning was a huge help, and what a fantastic job they all did together. Every detail was cleverly planned, from the romantic fairy lights in the marquee, to the small glass bottles and jars filled with flowers and hanging from the trees, it was simply beautiful. Lauren from Princess & Frog Flowers was sensational, the bouquets and numerous gorgeous flower arrangements were incredible, she was literally running back and forth all morning.chichester_wedding_photographer_adorlee_0153
Just take a look through a selection of their photos below to see just how lovely their day went together and be sure to check out who their Dream Team was below at the end of the post. I could honestly go on and on about all of these suppliers, but you’ll never get to the photos, these suppliers come highly recommended though, particularly the lovely guys at Bloomsbury Films who were an absolute pleasure to work with… oh and I can’t forget Geoff Cornwall Toast Master – as always he was amazing! … ooooh and the CAKE by Sharon at Daisy Chains Cakes, this looked delicious…. see here I go…
A massive Congratulations to you both, Katy & Mark. I wish you every bit of happiness for your future as husband and wife.
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Arundel Town Hall – Ceremony Location: Sue Roderick
Music Students for Hire – String Quartet (Lux Aeterna): Robin Weil
Wigwam Marquees: Susie & Rob Patterson
Blue Fig Catering: Janie & Malcolm Horlock
Alfie The Black Cab Photo Booth: Alice Schamroth
Daisy Chains Cakes: Sharon Hart
The little Posy Print Company – Printing & Stationery: Claire Lefevre
Toast Master: Geoff Cornwell
Selstar Fireworks: Stephen Harriott
E-bands – Stepz (Live 7 piece Band): Paul Egan
First Class Flush – Portable Toilets: Susie Patterson
Woods Travel – Coach transport (4x mini coaches): Debbie
Princess & Frog Flowers: Lauren Purdy
Town Hall Catering – Canapes: Lee Williams
Not Just for Hire – Chair Covers for ceremony chamber: Amanda & Sara
The Hog Squad – Hog Roast Sunday: Jon Plater
Regimental Productions – DJ: Greg Robinson
Blue Swallow Wedding Cars – Bride/Bridsemaids transport: John Bustin
Eventus – Place Settings Hire: Janie Horlock
Bloomsbury Films: Dishad
Event planner: Joanna Ko Boutique Events

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