Sal & Tash elope to Positano, Italy

June 11, 2013

Wow, what a wedding! it’s not very often the opportunity arises to photograph weddings in Italy (of course that’s not to say I wouldn’t welcome more!!!). This gorgeous couple live all the way in Australia but when Tash saw her friends wedding photos of which I photographed for Rowan and Rowena last year, she wanted to fly me out to join them in Italy to capture their more discreet… elopement. This was the first elopement I have photographed or definitely the smallest Wedding!


Although totally different from the norm, I have to say this was the most romantic, intimate and memorable wedding I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. With Sal being Italian, they chose the absolutely stunning location of Positano. Tash is actually Australian and Thai but could have quite easily passed as an Italian Bride herself, she looked mesmerising. Now it just so happened that 6 of Tash’s lovely friends (I like to say, not much younger than me) were traveling (and some located) around Europe at the time and so joined them in their celebrations. All the girls were so friendly and welcoming to me, and as for Sal, not only did he look very dapper, and so relaxed… well, I think the locals thought he was definitely an Italian Stallion being the only male in the group and surrounded by so many women all the time! Hahaha.

On a more serious note though, the day itself was simply perfect, it was relaxing, and nothing was rushed or even planned. Sal and Tash married at the Town Hall overlooking the bay at Positano, a truly serene setting… the girls had arranged a surprise band and chosen specific songs just for the happy couple, it was emotional for Tash, and really caused a giggle when they played the theme tune to the Mario Brothers. It didn’t end here, there was a more casual drink at a cafe, followed of course with a refreshing granita (icy lemon drink) and then a drive around to some of the prettiest viewpoints, in the cutest little Fiats which really set the scene for this Italian Romance.
Now…I have to mention the evening meal! Wow, wow and WOW! Now I have photographed weddings in Italy before, Sardinia in fact, I’ve eaten Italian food lots, but this is ‘La Tagliata Italian restaurant Positano‘, this spectacular restaurant on the cliff, overlooks all of Positano, and are in a league of their own! I highly recommend visiting there! The service was fantastic, the atmosphere unreal, and well, as for the food –  you really haven’t tasted Italian food until you taste Mama’s cooking, and for all you men out there, Mama WILL feed you well! As the night went on there was singing, dancing, cake, serviettes swinging, and after lots of limoncello, there was a heartfelt speech by the best man (lady) Sophie!
The day couldn’t have been more perfect – but then back in the village there was a party in the square… What a night!

In all honesty I really feel like I have made some new friends. Sal and Tash had an incredible day and I feel honored to have been a part of it. I sincerely hope I have the opportunity of you seeing again. A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS and I wish you all the very best for the future.

A little note from Tash: “I absolutely adore them, you’ve captured the day so perfectly! Moments that I didn’t even realise you were taking photos! You’re so talented. Everyone who has seen them is floored by how stunning they are. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! You’ve really captured the day and struck a chord!!!”
For Tash and Sal’s dream team for getting married abroad please see the end of this post.

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Positano Dream team
Wedding Planner: Deborah at Just Get Married destination wedding planner Italy
Hair: Piero Mansi male hair stylist in Positano
Dress: One Fell Swoop
Cars organised by Wedding Planner above
Food: La Tagliata Italian restaurant in Positano, Italy
Photography: By ME of course!
Make-up: By the Bride herself! Tash took a trip to Sephora for a lesson and purchased her own products by Stila, Nars, Becca, Chantecaille, Mac and By Terry (Space NK and House of Fraser are fab alternatives for these products in England).

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