Jenny & Shaun’s Engagement Session at Southend Barns

Now it’s very often that couples book an engagement (aka pre-wedding) shoot. Shaun and Jenny booked one as part of their Wedding Photography package and I must say it was really nice being able to relax and spend time with this couple, and more so for the them to spend that bit of time with me!


Engagement shoots are a great way for you to get to know your photographer, build a rapport or even just to help you feel at ease around a camera. I personally cannot stand having my photo taken so I can really relate to couples who also hate it! This shoot gives me the chance to walk through positions and poses that I may set you in on your wedding day (of course most of the day’s photos will be kept natural as that is more my style). I can also advise on more flattering positions and angles for you to position yourself or for me to capture you from.

This particular photo shoot was taken at Southend Barns, a Wedding venue that I know well as I photograph a lot of weddings here and it’s located just outside of Chichester near to my home. Shaun and Jenny shall be getting WED here on August 9th, and both myself and Becci will be there to capture it all! We can’t wait, I mean, look at them, they’re just gorgeous and such a sweet adorable couple with it.
Southend Barns is ideal for photos with meadows, a crop field, old working barns, both period and modern features, a pergola, cute benches against flint stone walls, stunning gardens with water features, the list is endless. Hence why this has become such a popular venue choice for couples weddings.

The day of the shoot which only took around 30-40 minutes the weather was a little temperamental, sunshine one minute and showers the next, although despite running in and out of showers I managed to capture these beautiful photos of this lovely couple. and after hearing about their plans, details, and their sense of style, I really am looking forward to capturing Jenny and Shaun’s special day. I hope you love your photos and see you very soon. eeeeeeek

image-03-bumbleandbrown-pre-wedding-engagament-photos-at-southend-barns  image-05-bumbleandbrown-pre-wedding-engagament-photos-at-southend-barns image-06-bumbleandbrown-pre-wedding-engagament-photos-at-southend-barns image-07-bumbleandbrown-pre-wedding-engagament-photos-at-southend-barns image-08-bumbleandbrown-pre-wedding-engagament-photos-at-southend-barns image-09-bumbleandbrown-pre-wedding-engagament-photos-at-southend-barns   image-12-bumbleandbrown-pre-wedding-engagament-photos-at-southend-barns  image-14-bumbleandbrown-pre-wedding-engagament-photos-at-southend-barns image-15-bumbleandbrown-pre-wedding-engagament-photos-at-southend-barns  image-17-bumbleandbrown-pre-wedding-engagament-photos-at-southend-barns image-18-bumbleandbrown-pre-wedding-engagament-photos-at-southend-barns image-19-bumbleandbrown-pre-wedding-engagament-photos-at-southend-barns  image-21-bumbleandbrown-pre-wedding-engagament-photos-at-southend-barns image-22-bumbleandbrown-pre-wedding-engagament-photos-at-southend-barns  image-24-bumbleandbrown-pre-wedding-engagament-photos-at-southend-barns

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