Getting ready for your big day in style!

BUMBLEGR001Have you stopped and thought about what you will wear when you are getting ready for your wedding?If there’s one thing I hear a LOT on the mornings of weddings, it’s “I wish I’d worn something more flattering… I didn’t even think about a getting ready outfit !”.

Well, earlier in the summer I got carried away on Asos one morning looking for some thin pretty pj’s to wear in Positano (for an elopement that I was to be photographing… it was amazing by the way!), and I decided that I must at some point write a post on Getting Ready clothes and find some ideas to give you Brides a little inspiration.

image-040-timeless-wedding-photographyWhen planning your wedding, you have so many other things on your mind that considering how you will look when getting ready for your wedding is often forgotten or not even considered.

I am with the Bride and bridesmaids usually for 1-3 hours on the morning of their weddings, although some of this time is spent taking creative photos of your details such as the dress hanging, jewellery and shoes, this is also a fantastic opportunity for me to capture stunning natural shots of the girls relaxing, laughing, glancing in the mirror, emotional moments with your parents, having your hair styled and make-up applied or even just peaking out of the window at the groomsmen! Getting ready photos can be some of the most glamorous photos you probably would have never imagined.


Ask your bridesmaids to also consider what they are wearing on the morning too, and please ladies, no matter how comfy, onesies and big PJ’s are not flattering – whoever you are. bumble-and-brown-015-wedding-tips-blogSeriously, perhaps if you’re after funny photos, but elegant, flattering, beautiful and classy they are not!

See below for some ideas and inspiration on what to wear while you’re being pampered and prepped for your big day – I have tried to cover for different tastes and of course each are for personal preference, when choosing what to wear please do take the following into consideration:

  • Is it easy to remove? If it needs to go over your head then make sure its a large scoop/ V-neck, shirts and robes/ kimonos are probably best as the last thing you want to do is ruin your beautifully styled hair and make-up. Although many dresses may have zips or are very easy to remove overhead.
  • Will it leave strap marks? Tight sleeves may leave marks on your arms, bras may leave strap marks on your shoulders or back – think about the style of wedding dress you have, and lastly…. Socks – please do not risk having ugly sock marks around your ankles and feet.
  • Which Colour? Whites or natural colours tend to look best, or even black. What is the colour of the decor in the room where you are getting ready? What colours will your bridesmaids be wearing? Will they clash? Be aware that reds when turned to black and white really blend into the grey area in the photos. Black and white photos won’t show your colours but if you love colour photos, consider the colour!

BUMBLEGR002 bumble-and-brown-003-wedding-tips-blogAbove, from Top, Left to Right
Images 1-4: Swan Queen Spring Bridal Scalloped French Lace Kimono, £191.10 from ETSY – Seller: Girl with a serious Dream
Images 5-6: Kiku Enchanted Crane Short Kimono, £68. from ASOS

BUMBLEGR004 BUMBLEGR005Above, from Top, Left to Right
Image 1: Embroidered Chiffon Robe, £42. from Topshop
Image 2: Lacy Strappy Vintage Slip perfect for a summer wedding, £38. from Topshop
Image 3: Chiffon Layered Lace Slip, £35. from Topshop
Image 4: SALE – Set of 10 Bridesmaids Robes Kimono Crossover Robe perfect for bridesmaid gift! £164.74 fromETSY – Seller: Silk & More
Image 5: SALE – Set of 8 Kimono Crossover Robe Spa Wraps again the perfect Bridesmaid gift, £131.80 from ETSY – Seller: Silk & More

BUMBLEGR006 BUMBLEGR007Above, from Top, Left to Right
Image 1: Gatsby altered vintage slip dress with doilies, lace and tulle, £115.12 from ETSY – Seller: Bayside Boutique
Images 2-4: 1940s Embroidered paper silk Kimono, £115.12 from ETSY – Seller: Tapestry Boutique
Images 5-6: Odette French sace and silk lined Bridal Kimono, £247.75 from ETSY – Seller: Girl with a serious Dream


BUMBLEGR009Above, from Top, Left to Right
Image 1-2: 80s Vintage cream lace angel sleeve sheer maxi kaftan slip dress, £79.08 from ETSY – Seller: Decades
Images 3: Vintage blush silk Gatsby dress with net lace edging, £82.37 from ETSY – Seller: Bayside Boutique
Image 4: Blush alternative eco-chic wedding dress, £164.74 from ETSY – Seller: Bayside Boutique
Images 5-6: 1960s Chiffon and lace peignor lingerie set, £58.65 from ETSY – Seller: Button & Frills

bumble-and-brown-010-wedding-tips-blog bumble-and-brown-011-wedding-tips-blogAbove, from Top, Left to Right
Images 1-3: SALE set of 10 kimonos, £164.74 from ETSY – Seller: Silk & More
Images 4-5: Eco lavender babydoll slipdress, £64.58 custom order available, from ETSY – Seller: Bayside Boutique
Image 6: White cotton nightgown with lace detail, £29.65 from ETSY – Seller: Skinny Sonders
Image 7: Embroidered Kimono robe for Bride, Bridesmaid, Maid of Honor and Mother of the Bride, £23.06 from ETSY – Seller: Just Cottons

bumble-and-brown-012-wedding-tips-blog bumble-and-brown-014-wedding-tips-blogAbove, from Top, Left to Right
Image 1: Set of 3 waffle robes with any name/ embroidery colour in elegance font, £84 from Unique & Memorable Gifts
Image 2: Set of 5 waffle robes with any name/ title on back, £129 from Unique & Memorable Gifts
Image 3: Eyelash lace teddy in Blush, £30 from Topshop
Images 4-5: Meghan fabulous Faith tunic with slip in Ivory, RRP £242, NOW £59.50 from ASOS
Image 6: SALE set of 2 Bridesmaids kimonos, £39.54 from ETSY – Seller: Silk & More
Image 7: Light lace vest £14, and Light lace shorts £16 from NEXT

bumble-and-brown-017-wedding-tips-blog bumble-and-brown-018-wedding-tips-blogAbove, from Top, Left to Right
Image 1-2: Silk floral kimono, £308.40 on ETSY – Seller: Pretty Little World Vtg
Image: 3-4: 1970s Champagne blush nightgown with plunging neckline, £25.04 from ETSY – Seller: Fashion Rerun
Images 5-6: Bohemian maxi tube dress, £32.29 from ETSY – Seller: Lucky Store 829
Images 7: Orange-red linen maxi dress, £34.93 from ETSY – Seller: Original Style Shop
Images 8-9: Loose fitting long white maxi linen sundress, £47.45 from ETSY – Seller: deboy2000

*I’m thinking a bumble of “Where” to get ready and “Whether to have getting ready photos at your wedding” will be the perfect follow up to this post… watch this space!

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