Boudoir & Ink – Jo’s First Session

When Jo asked me to photograph her in a boudoir style portrait session to showcase her tattoos, I jumped at the chance. With photography and tattoos both being a form of art, I naturally love them, I’ve never had the courage to have big tattoos myself but always in awe of anyone who does. Jo has, I think, 9 tattoos but these are just the first of many more to come. The full coloured sleeve shown here on Jo’s right arm is of her favourite Disney characters leading up the arm from sea to land to sky, this isn’t yet finished and I will be taking more photos of Jo as this progresses.

For this shoot I hired a studio from a fellow photographer for the morning. Jo arrived with a suitcase of clothes, lingerie, shoes, GHD’s, make-up and more! We had such a giggle, and I am definitely looking forward to our next sessions, a great laugh and a morning to remember.

Jo’s husband, Steve, is a skilled Tattooist and has a studio in Chichester, Stylish Skin Tattoos. Steve is well known in the industry and draws and designs the tattoos himself. If you would like a new tattoo, one covered up or even one removed, I highly recommend you contact Steve on 01243 788666


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