Gaz &Beki’s Wedding at the Aphrodite Hills Hotel Resort, Cyprus

If there’s one thing I love about photographing a wedding abroad (apart from the glorious sunshine) it’s the intimacy of it, with only very close friends and family, it always seems extremely personal and intimate.
This was a fantastic wedding with wonderful guests, I really felt like part of the gang, and had some great fun with them after the wedding.
Gaz and Beki had a trash the dress shoot the following day, click here to view the photos.

wedding-photo-006-aphrodite-hills-hotel-paphos-cypruswedding-photo-002-aphrodite-hills-hotel-paphos-cypruswedding-photo-001-aphrodite-hills-hotel-paphos-cyprus wedding-photo-003-aphrodite-hills-hotel-paphos-cypruswedding-photo-004-aphrodite-hills-hotel-paphos-cyprus wedding-photo-005-aphrodite-hills-hotel-paphos-cyprus wedding-photo-007-aphrodite-hills-hotel-paphos-cyprus wedding-photo-008-aphrodite-hills-hotel-paphos-cyprus wedding-photo-009-aphrodite-hills-hotel-paphos-cyprus wedding-photo-010-aphrodite-hills-hotel-paphos-cyprus    wedding-photo-012-aphrodite-hills-hotel-paphos-cypruswedding-photo-011-aphrodite-hills-hotel-paphos-cyprus wedding-photo-013-aphrodite-hills-hotel-paphos-cyprus wedding-photo-014-aphrodite-hills-hotel-paphos-cyprus

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